Emperor’s delight, with apple puree

This exciting interactive trail will reveal what the popular dessert has to do with nature’s ‘peak’ performance.

Nature provides a wealth of services to us. These so-called ecosystem services are materials and benefits that we humans derive from ecosystems.

Examples include clean water, fresh air to breathe or food found in nature, like edible fungi, berries and wild plants. Wood for construction and heating is another, plus the various ways in which we can enjoy nature.

And this is just the start!

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Telfer Wiesen (Telfes Meadows)

Along a gentle trail (c. 2.5 km) in the Telfer Wiesen area you will find 11 stops where you can find out more on ecosystem services. The Telfer Wiesen area is part of the Ruhegebiet Kalkkögel (protected area).

The Ruhegebiet Kalkkögel stretches across 78 km² in the northern part of the Stubai Alps and borders in the south-west on the Ruhegebiet Stubaier Alpen, Austria. The larch stands, developed and cared for over centuries, make the Telfer Wiesen a special jewel within the protected area.

The free audio guide or the brochure allows you to discover and experience something new at each stop. (More on that under → Guides)

Sharpen your senses and immerse yourself in the world of ecosystem services!